AR Take-On - Approved Persons






The regulator requires adequate due diligence to be undertaken on individuals operating as Approved Persons (APER’s).

Compliance Star

  • The system allows the individual APER’s to upload documents related to their specific due diligence requirements.
  • You have the same functionality as Firm Due Diligence in terms of notes, uploading/ viewing documents, removing documents, and hiding documents from the APER.
  • The APER’s  permitted Controlled Function (CF) will be recorded to evidence the principals agreement.
  • APER’s can be added and removed at any time during the life cycle of the AR firm
  • The APER’s permissions can be tailored according to the individuals roles and responsibilities
  • Internal sign off process facilitating the reporting of risks


  • All regulatory obligations are met regarding the information which needs to be held on the individuals.
  • The dashboard can highlight any issues/gaps in documentation.
  • The principal can access and review all documentation at the click of a button.
  • Audit trail of all communications both internal and external
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