AR Take-On - Firm Due Diligence






The regulator requires adequate due diligence is undertaken on AR’s which includes investigation, document checking and verification.

Compliance Star

  • ARs are created individually with any additional information, attachments and documentation linked to the one AR record.
  • Firm Due Diligence has the functionality to tailor the pre-populated due diligence requirements to the principals requirements
  • When a document is uploaded, the received date will be updated automatically
  • Notes can be added to the record for internal records and to facilitate a two-way dialogue with the AR
  • Document expiry or renewal date can be added to the record. This function will generate a task one month prior to document expiry/renewal date for the principal to review or request an up to date version.


  • A snap shot of the firms documents and record can be viewed from one screen and identification can be made quickly regarding missing or incomplete information.
  • All stages are broken down into tabs which run across the top of the page so a checklist of information is there to work against whilst managing the process.
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