AR Take-On Process






Principal firms must ensure adequate due diligence is undertaken and recorded for all Appointed Representatives (AR’s) joining the firm and operating under the principals’ regulatory permission. Each step of the process and supporting information will need to be evidenced to the regulator which includes investigation, document checking and verification.

Compliance Star

Compliance Star is designed to manage the take on of ARs and IARs in numbers and is instantly scalable to monitor an almost unlimited number of firms. This means it can facilitate growth and provide a sound and reliable regulatory platform to support plans for expansion without the need for a significant increase in resources.



  • Principal firms on-boarding requirements can be adjusted accordingly

  • Documentation can be uploaded alongside specified records removing the need for paper based records

  • Reminders for regular data submission and monitors any gaps in data

  • Internal sign off process facilitating the reporting of risks

  • Audit trail of all communications both internal and external

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