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“I run a specialist administrator of insurance schemes and the firm generally relies upon expertise around insurance claims and knowledge of the motor trade. As an incidental, we have an Appointed Representative network of around 25 firms, and when I took over the firm I quickly established that all the compliance work lived in one metal filing cabinet.

Compliance Star has transformed the depth, thoroughness and general approach to managing the compliance aspects of our business.

We now have a structured take on process for new clients, regular systems support to enable us to resolve very occasional difficulties and a rolling program of oversight which allows senior management to demonstrate it has a good handle on the management and oversight of its AR’s.”

Paul Smith / MB&G Insurance



“The software was an integrated tool that allowed us to build out our compliance function without developing other tools, customising another tool, or purchasing expensive software to meet our regulatory requirements. Compliance Star did this for us out of the box.”

Lee Stretton / Raisin


Davies Group_1

“Everything is now in one place and it provides a safe and reliable system to record and demonstrate regulatory oversight. This platform brings all of a firms monitoring into one secure platform. Very user friendly and helpful team to get this set up.”

Shyam Raikundalia / Davies Group Limited



Compliance Star helps simplify the supervision of firms by providing a single record-keeping solution for each firm; providing a structure for both initial and ongoing due diligence of appointed representatives as well as providing an ongoing supervisory toolkit. Additionally, it helps manage workflow by generating tasks and issuing reminders based on user-driven dates and timeframes.”

Compliance and Supervision Manager / Resolution Compliance